Tiger Strikes Asteroid is pleased to announce 5×5, a series of exhibitions in Berlin that nurture communication between cultures and explore the dialogue, creativity, invention, and cultural impact that defines artist-run spaces. The Berlin spaces will subsequently exhibit their member work in the USA at their partner TSA space in 2023.

The title for the first part of the exchange, when the American artists exhibit in Berlin, is Meanwhile, We Are Here. This title emerged from the organizers’ discussions around the present moment as well as the importance of connection and community. Throughout 2020 and 2021, we have had to reckon with the realities of loss, isolation, nationalism, and individualism. As a result, we decided to focus this exhibition exchange on connection, memory, and visions for the future. We thought about two signifiers: the time capsule and the wormhole. The time capsule represents archives, selection, hidden histories to be revealed at a later time, future relics. Like the time capsule, the wormhole connects points in time, simultaneous occurrences, and differing realities. Both are time machines, capable of compressing the past, present, and future. The title also relates to functioning as an artist during times of upheaval; we persevere in making work, our practices become entwined with events in the wider world. Each TSA site will have the freedom to interpret the theme of Meanwhile, We Are Here in any way they wish.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a 501c3 non-profit network of independently programmed, artist-run exhibition spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Greenville, SC. Our goal is to collectively bring people together, expand connections and create community through artist-initiated exhibitions, projects, and curatorial opportunities.

We are excited to present six exhibitions, a performance, and a film night as part of the exchange.

Organized by Carl Baratta, Susan Klein, Bettina Weiß, and Daniel Wiesenfeld

5×5 Group Exhibition
March 18 – April 7
Opening: March 17, 6-10 PM
nationalmuseum, Urbanstraße 100, 10967

Possibly Easy
Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY
March 18 – April 3
Opening: March 18 6-10 PM
HilbertRaum, Reuterstraße 31, 12047

Going Down In The West
Tiger Strikes Asteroid LA
March 18 – April 17
Opening: March 18 6-10 PM
Horse & Pony, Altenbraker Str. 18, 12053

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago
March 19 – April 30
Opening: March 19, 7-10 PM
SCOTTY, Oranienstraße 46, 10969

The Mutability of Time
Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia
March 19 – April 10
Opening: March 19, 6-10 PM
Schau Fenster, Lobeckstraße 30-35, 10969

Volcano Lovers
Tiger Strikes Asteroid Greenville
March 20 – April 3
Opening: March 20, 4-7 PM
HAUNT/ Frontviews, Kluckstraße 23A, 10785

Performance: JOKAklubi “The Theory Show”, March 20, 7:30-8:30 PM

5×5 – TSA group show – obsolete

Sascha Appelhoff | Charlotte Bastian | Megan Biddle | Greyory Blake | Holly Cahill | Tiffany Calvert | Emmanuelle Chammah | Rachel de Cuba | Suzanne Dittenber | Kuno Ebert | Andres Janacua | Niina Lehtonen Braun | Duwenavue Sante Johnson | Debra Kayes | Amy Lee Ketchum | Nichola Kinch | Alana Lake | Cydney Lewis | Sean Noyce | Eva Schwab | Brooks Harris Stevens | Bettina Weiß | Daniel Wiesenfeld

opening 17.03.2022, 5 pm

18.03 – 07.04.22

Opening hours Wed & Thu, 13–16 hrs & by appointment
Einlass nur unter den Bedingungen der jeweils gültigen Corona-Verordnungen