Chinese Whispers

Raaf van der Sman | Rolf Graf | Alexandra Hopf | Quirin Bäumler | Annette Ruenzler | Lisa Herfeldt | Mieke Ulfig | Hank Schmidt in der Beek | Nina Walser | Elke Dreier | Maria VMier

Chinese Whispers is based on the children’s game where one phrase is whispered around a circle, and the process of cumulative error results in a completely changed phrase at the end of the circle.
It is a project that playfully lays bare the connections between artists, which may be based on social ties, work-related, or otherwise. Chinese Whispers is an exploration of (mis)communication processes, of language, politics and translation, and of humorous incongruities:

nationalmuseum commissions artist to make a work for the event. Specifications: the work will react to the title and its problematic connotations, and the production process may take no longer than 1 week. Artist then nominates another artist to translate his/her work into another work.
Second artist brings the work he/she reacted to, to nationalmuseum, and hands over his/her work to the next artist. Repeat.


exhibition: 27.08 – 10.09.2018
opening hrs: Mo / Thu 13 – 16:30
or by appointment: +49 176 5782 6886