text – pure freude

Dusseldorf’s Ratinger Hof club of the late 70’s and 80’s, under the direction of Carmen Knoebel, hosted an avant-garde scene with acts including Wire, The Red Krayola, Pere Ubu, Mittagspause, S.Y.P.H and Einsturzende Neubauten. Knoebel also ran the label “Pure Freude”, from 1978-84, releasing music by artists such as Art And Language ,The Mekons, Die Tödliche Doris and Can. The scene that developed helped create an energy and dialogue between the two cities that would subsequently have an incalculable influence on what would come later.
Inspired by and named after Knoebel’s label, our show “Pure Freude” brings together Berlin and New York artists as a way to riff on the crossover of energy between  two cities.

text: Johhny Mullen

Eröffnung am 05.08.2012, 19:00 hr
Ausstellung 06.08 bis 21.08.2012